Utilising Natural, Scalable Sugar Alternatives and Taste Modulation Technologies to Deliver Clean-Label, Consumer-Acceptable, Taste-First Food & Beverage Products in a Low and No Sugar World

With 84% of consumers limiting the amount of sugar in their diet and 56% of consumers consuming less sugar than they did a year ago, there is mounting pressure on food & beverage brands to develop low and no sugar food and beverage products to meet growing consumer demands for natural, clean-label, better-for you products, that don’t compromise on taste or performance. Accompanied with the launch of various sugar taxes, voluntary sugar reduction targets and advertising restrictions, R&D teams & formulators alike are turning their attention to exploring novel technologies and designing clean-label sugar alternatives that provide sweetness but also enhance the nutritional value of the product.

Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies Summit will connect R&D decision makers across food & beverage to explore next-generation, natural sugar reduction enabling technologies and ingredients. The goal will be to provide actionable insights and approaches to the community to successfully develop clean-label, taste-first, better-for-you, low and no sugar food and beverage products, that not only have enhanced nutritional value, but also deliver on consumer expectation. This event will explore future trends and changing consumer priorities, alongside technical, formulation and manufacturing considerations to inform the future of your sugar reduction R&D beyond the use of traditional sweeteners. 

If you are looking to grow in the no and low sugar, healthy eating market in 2021 and beyond, then this summit will equip you with the information and insight you need to succeed!

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Explore consumer insights and learn how the industry can accelerate consumer adoption with Ingredion.

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Develop a thorough understanding of the latest innovations in sugar reduction technologies with W2O Food Innovation.

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Discover the latest innovations in augmenting reduced sugar products for enhanced nutritional value with Douxmatok and Hi-Food

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Understand the value of sugar reduction from a nutritionist’s perspective and fully understand the importance of reduced sugar products with Ferrero

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What You Will Learn

  • Identify the key issues faced within the sugar reduction landscape such as manufacturing, resourcing and after-taste and how successful brands are overcoming these challenges
  • Gain a full understanding of consumer trends with a deep insight in to how consumer demands have changed over the last year and how to integrate these demands in to your R&D strategy
  • Discover the latest advancements in next-generation sugar processing technologies including physical, chemical, enzymatic and microbial methods to reduce the sugar content of food & beverage products
  • Understand the future implications in regulation, labeling, and claims

Who You Will Network With

Independent Food & Beverage Brands

Multinational Food & Beverage Companies

Private Label Food & Beverage Brands

Biotechnology Companies

Food Technology Start-ups

Academics & Research Institutions

Consumer Trend Analysts

Ingredient Suppliers

Flavour & Fragrance Manufactures


CRO’s, CMO’s & Formulation Consultants

Regulatory Bodies


Incubators & Accelerators

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes