Transforming the Future of Consumer-Accepted, Clean-Label, Zero-Calorie Low & No Sugar Product Lines

With seventy-two percent of consumers trying to reduce or avoid sugar, the demand for low or no sugar alternatives is rising in 2022 for the growing health conscious public. The need for alternatives that taste good, whilst also being natural, clean label and inexpensive is high, and with mounting pressure from public health initiatives, sugar technologies and food retailers are required to innovate and development new product lines.  

Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies Summit 2022 gathered R&D, Product Development and Innovation Leaders to discover the latest Sugar Reduction Technologies and Alternatives. Hearing from over 20 of the experts in the Sugar Technology and Food and Beverage Space, you will uncover the essential information to transform your low and no-sugar product lines for commercial success. With topics such as Understanding the Cost Around Natural Sugar Alternatives, Creating Label-Friendly Products, Improving on Taste and Mouthfeel, and discovering the latest in Fermentation, you’ll be equipped with the most recent knowledge in the sugar reduction space.  

If you want to succeed in creating high-quality sugar alternatives, this summit put you at the forefront of commercial success in the low and no sugar space! 

2022 Highlights

Sugar Reduction Bullet

How to create products that will aid the health benefits most important to consumers 

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Developing all-natural sugar alternatives for clean label products 

Sugar Reduction Bullet

Overcoming barriers currently seen in taste and mouthfeel of sugar reduced alternatives 

Sugar Reduction Bullet

The key advancements in utilizing fermentation in the sugar reduction industry 

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2022 Network


Food and Beverage Retailers and Manufacturers

Independent Food Brands 

Ingredient Suppliers 

Sugar Reduction Technologies 

Academics & Research Institutions

Consumer Trend Analysts


6 Top Industry Speakers from 2022: