Pre-Conference Workshop

Responding to the Rise of Health Conscious Consumers

Tuesday September 20, 2022

13:00 Looking at What Health Benefits the Consumer Wants From Reduced Sugar Products to Build Demand-Driven Product Lines 

  • Building a dialogue with consumers to learn what aspects of health they value most.
  • Employing these aspects during product formulation to build products that align with health outcomes specific to consumers needs.
  • Looking to develop a variety of product lines that focus on different health improvement factors.

Kevin Reed
Customer Technical Support Manager

2:30 Afternoon Refreshments

15:00 Audience Discussion: Understanding the Fundamentals of Developing a Zero Sugar Product for Clean Labeling & Wider Consumer Choice

  • Discussing what zero sugar really means and how this may be classed differently according to national guidelines.
  • Delving into how to create a zero sugar product in formulation that will gain
    approval as zero sugar during regulatory approvals.
  • Evaluating how to clearly market a product as zero sugar for consumers to understand what this feature means.

16:00 Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Sugar Reduced Products for Increased Health Benefits and Commercial Opportunity

  • Analyzing the different opportunities for increasing nutritional benefits within products.
  • Looking at what ingredient components can be manipulated to build high nutritional value during formulation.
  • Understanding how nutritionally dense products can lead to higher commercial gains through widened consumer bases.
melissa riddel

Melissa Riddell
Head of Innovation & Technical Services
Batory Foods

17:00 End of Workshop Day