8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Operating Within A Global Supply Chain

8:40 am Looking at Alternative Options To Overcome Short Supply of Formulation Ingredients

  • Kerry Kenny Chief Technical Officer, Apura Ingredients


  •  Evaluating the current challenges faced in material procurement within supply chain disruptions.
  • Analyzing different options and adapting to potential alternatives of inaccessible formulation ingredients.
  • Building different product formulation options to make fast decisions during periods of supply chain disturbance.

9:20 am Audience Discussion: Mapping Out Current Regulatory Guidelines Across Various Geographies to Abide by International Food Standards Without Commercial Impact


  • Assessing the differences in regulatory systems and how this impacts products on the market today.
  •  Looking at how we can build a widely applicable regulation systems that will allow for universally agreed standards.
  • Learning from different regulation systems on what preferable standards should be applied in the future.

10:00 am Morning Refreshments

Enhancing Existing Products

10:40 am Case Study: Implementing a New Sugar Technology into an Existing Product Line to Match the Taste of Current Products

  • Marcia Petit Technical Category Manager, Tate & Lyle
  • Jim Carr Director - Global Techology, Tate & Lyle Ingredients


  • Analyzing the most important sensory features of the current product line.
  • Understanding how to replicate taste of existing products during formulation.
  • Looking at how to market the new product line to current consumers.

11:20 am Structured Networking: Delving Into Specific Food & Beverage Categories to Benchmark How to Build High Quality Product Lines


This session is your opportunity to connect with fellow Biotechs, CPGs, Independent Food Brands, and Ingredients Suppliers focused in your product category to evaluate trends, discuss current challenges, and share thoughts on the latest innovations in beverage, confectionary, snacks, and baked goods product lines. Make new connections and reconnect with others to gain invaluable insights and partnership opportunities in your industry.

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Delivering for the Consumer

1:00 pm A Tour d’Europe on Precise Versus Non-Rational Bioprocessing of Natural Sweeteners Brazzein & Stevia

1:40 pm Case Study: Creating High-Quality Sugar Reduction Technologies Through Fermentation


  • Looking at the benefits of using fermentation technology in sugar reduction.
  • Building a novel sugar reduction technology through fermentation innovations.
  • Seeing how this technology can be advanced in the future to satisfy different end user needs.

2:20 pm Looking at the Further Applications of Fermentation in Sugar Reduction to Fill Current Technology Gaps


  • Understanding the current innovations within sugar reduction that use fermentation.
  • Analyzing the opportunities where fermentation can fill the current technology gaps in the sugar reduction field.
  • Evaluating the future roles of fermentation in the sugar reduction space.

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:10 pm End of Conference Day Two