8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Moving to Natural Sugar Reduction Alternatives

8:10 am Understanding the Cost Around Natural Sugar Alternatives & How These Can Be Reduced For Increased Accessibility & Consumption


  • Evaluating why the cost of natural sugar alternatives is currently higher than artificial options.
  • Looking at how to reduce high-cost factors in natural sugar product development for lower-cost end products.
  • Assessing the long-term market cost of natural sugar alternatives and its impact on continued consumer accessibility.

8:50 am Improving the Sweetness Profile of Sugar Alternatives Through the Adoption of New Sugars

  • Dr. Katie Whalen Chief of Staff and Directory of Innovation Delivery, Bonumose

9:30 am The Next Generation of Incredo Sugar-Based Sugar Reduction Solutions

10:10 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

What Does the Consumer Want?

10:50 am Audience Discussion: Creating Label Friendly Products To Enhance Consumer Understanding of Ingredients & Product Formulation


  • Understanding what the common knowledge gaps are for consumers within current labelling systems.
  • Assessing what the most important label factors are to the consumer during purchasing.
  • Creating consistency in the language used across labelling of sugar-reduced products for better industry standards.

11:30 am Panel: Discussing What ‘Clean Label’ Means & How This Can Be Applied Consistently For Better Awareness of Product Differences


  • Defining what is currently classed as ‘clean label’ and the subsequent reasoning behind this.
  • Discussing why clean label products are important to consumers and preparing to move towards achieving this label.
  • Evaluating the importance of clean label products in the sugar reduction space and their significance for consumer acceptance.

12:10 pm Lunch Break

1:10 pm Audience Discussion: Assessing How Governments are Able to Reduce Overall Costs of Sugar Reduced Products for Higher Consumer Accessibility


  • Looking at the current taxation systems governments have in place for sugar-reduced products that impact market price point.
  • Considering what actions governments can take to make the low sugar options more accessible to the public e.g. through subsidies.
  • Working alongside governmental bodies to create healthy product lines that can achieve market success and improve health outcomes.

Addressing Challenges in Product Formulation

1:50 pm Enhancing The Taste of Sugar in Foods & Beverages With Non-Caloric Sweeteners & System G Taste Modulators

  • Rob Hastings Applications Lab Manager- North America, Almendra


  • Learning the optimal levels of sweetness that are needed for Sugar-Reduced Products.
  • Mitigating the after-taste effects and improving mouth-feel of products.
  • Looking at how modulation technology can advance the diversity of tastes in sugar reduced products.

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:00 pm Utilizing True Products to Mask the Negative Tastes Aspects of Stevia

3:40 pm Case Study: Using Enzymatic Technology to Remove Sugar & Maintain Natural Taste for Diverse Product Applications


  • Understanding what enzymatic technology is and how it can be applied in different products.
  • Looking at how removal technologies can give food retailers choice over end products sugar levels.
  • Discussing the advancements needed in enzymatic technology for being an integral part of sugar reduction decisions.

3:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:30 pm End of Day One