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Developing high-quality sugar technologies and products has become a number one priority for the Food and Beverage Sector, following pressure from Public Health bodies to reduce sugar consumption globally.

If you help in the development of these alternatives through process engineering, supplying manufacturing equipment, engineering enzymes, providing a flavour or fragrance ingredient, or consulting, then our network would love to connect with you in Chicago. Do get touch to learn more. 

Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies is your chance to connect with dozens of leaders and decision markers in the Sugar Reduction space, and showcase how you can assist Food and Beverage Manufacturers, Sugar Reduction Biotechs, and Food Brands to develop high-quality products that are commercially successful for low and no product lines.  

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Connect with C-level executives and R&D directors from both multinational & independent food and beverage brands, who are looking to invest in novel products and processes to aid their sugar reduction reformulation efforts.

Far from the impersonal exhibition experience, use over 8 hours of dedicated networking time to host private meetings with attendees of your choice, at your companies individual meeting area.

Benefit from enhanced brand exposure, not only at the event but through pre and post conference branding opportunities and logo inclusion across all event material and marketing communications, to position yourself and the company of choice & differentiate your product or solution.

Increase your visibility onsite and position yourself as a thought leader, with the opportunity to deliver a presentation, workshop or ingredient insights session to a room full of key decision makers, showcasing your unique solutions.

If you fit into one of these categories, this summit is the perfect opportunity for you:

Flavor & Fragrance Manufacturers



Packaging Manufacturers

Product Development Companies

Marketing Agencies

Consulting Companies