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8:00 am Morning Networking

8:50 am Opening Remarks from the Chair

Taste Modulation – Delivering on Consumer Taste & Performance Expectations

9:00 am Mineral Modulators of the Tastes of Non-Caloric & Caloric Sweeteners


• Reduction of the sweetness linger of noncaloric sweeteners
• Enhancement of the sugar-like mouthfeel of noncaloric and caloric sweeteners
• Inhibition of the bitter off tastes of noncaloric sweeteners

9:30 am Protein Power – Do Protein Sweeteners Have What It Takes to Succeed?


• Taste – is good quality sweetness enough?
• Practicality – can they withstand processing?
• Safety – is a natural origin any guarantee?

10:00 am Optimizing Sweetness & Keeping Your Label Clean with Natural Plant-based Ingredients


• Sweetness Modulation Challenges
• Sugar Cane Distillate – A bitterness blocker
• Cane Molasses Distillate – A sweetener enhancer

10:30 am Panel Discussion – Methods for Delivering Taste Modulation in 2021 and Beyond


• Comparing novel ways to modulate taste in low/no sugar products in order to meet consumer requirements
• Reviewing how new technology can be used to create products that deliver on performance and functionality whilst remaining cost effective and overcome regulatory barriers

11:00 am Speed Networking

Achieving Successful Formulation with Sugar Reduction Technologies

11:30 am Hard Seltzer Synergy: Formulating a Successful Spiked Seltzer with Full Flavor & Zero Sugar


• Foundation – laying the groundwork for a new business and new innovation
• Formulation – putting the ‘spiked’ in sparkling ice beverages
• Future – Talking Rain looks forward

12:00 pm Key Strategic Definitions on How to Define the Goals for Developing a Reduced/No Sugar Added Products


• The tools ShakeUp used on its journey from an idea to a full line of no sugar added ice creams and frozen desserts

12:30 pm Chair-Led Q&A Session

12:40 pm Lunch Break

What are the Human Health Implications of Reduced Sugar Products?

2:00 pm Metabolic Fate of Steviol Glycosides and Their Effect on Gut Microbiome of Adults and Children


• Metabolic fate of all steviol glycosides in human is same, independent of genders and ethnicity
• Steviol glycosides produced by different technologies have same metabolic fate in adult males, adult females & children
• Steviol glycosides and their metabolites (steviol) have no significant impact on the microbiome of adults and children

2:30 pm Discussing the Effectiveness of Sugar Reduction Programs from a Nutritionist’s Perspective


• Discussion on recent progress of: ‘Childhood obesity: a plan for action’, Change4life and the ‘Public health responsibility deal’
• Discussion on the addictive effect of sugar which is a risk factor for insulin resistance and obesity
• Demonstration of several trials on the effect of sugar reduction on the body
• Demonstration of the effect of using inulin as a partial substitute for sugar in industrial muffins on blood glucose levels in healthy adults (a clinical trial)

3:00 pm Applying the Science of Sensory Nutrition to Solve the Challenges of Sugar Reduction

  • Nancy Rawson Associate Director & Vice President, Monell Chemical Senses Center


• The making of a sweet taste cell: can we “hack” the system?
• How stress and inflammation drive us to seek calories
• How post-absorptive signals from the gut to the brain shape our perception, and why this matters

3:30 pm Chair-Led Q&A Session

4:00 pm Close of Conference