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8:00 am Morning Networking

How have Sugar Reduction Technologies Enabled New Products & Market Opportunity

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:40 am Global Sugar Replacement Technology – Factors That Influence Adoption And Applications Of New Technology

  • Loyd Wix Technical Project Leader, Unilever


• Discussing the primary factors influencing the adoption of sugar reduction technology
• Challenges of adopting different sugar reduction and replacement ingredients, and how to stack these novel ingredients to formulate into a final product.
• Creating product formats that deliver on performance and functionality whilst remaining cost effective and overcoming barriers to market

9:10 am Consumer Acceptance of New Ingredients & Technologies

  • Nate Yates Global Platform Leader for Sugar Reduction, Ingredion Inc


• Challenges of launching new ingredients to the world
• Consumer’s desire for transparency and rising expectations
• How can the industry accelerate consumer adoption?

9:40 am Panel: Consumer Insights & Acceptance of Sugar Reduction Technologies


• How has the sugar reduction landscape changed within the last year?
• What are the latest developments within market trends?
• Consumer patterns and changes following Covid
• Evaluating consumer willingness to reduce sugar

10:10 am Sustainability and Sugar Reduction: Unlocking Sustainable Taste Solutions for Better Nutrition


  • Beyond The Horizon: Uncover consumers’ opinion of sustainability, the importance in purchase behavior, attitudes and understanding the relation with sugar reduction.
  • Better Nutrition: Kerry’s ability to provide positive and balanced nutrition solutions and tools that help maintain good health, nutritional needs, and results.
  • Tastesense™ solutions for sugar reduction: Overview of Kerry’s portfolio to achieve nutritionally optimized products; from Beverages to Dairy, including Bakery, Sauces and Marinades.

10:30 am Speed Networking

Achieving Clean Label Sugar Reduction with Plant-Based Sweeteners and Sweetness Modulators

11:00 am Opening remarks from chair

11:10 am Clean Label Sugar Reduction: What & How to Use the Big 7 Plant-Based Sweeteners & Sweetness Modulators?

  • Alex Woo Chief Executive Officer, W2O Food Innovation


• What are the four best sweeteners, and how to use them
• What are the two best low caloric bulking agents, and how to use them
• What are the best sweetness modulators, and how to stack with them
• How to stack these ingredients to formulate reduced sugar foods and beverages?

11:40 am Allulose is a Game Changer in Sugar Reduction. Do Consumers Agree?

  • Afrouz Naeini Regional Platform Sugar Reduction & Specialty Sweeteners Leader, Ingredion Inc


• Allulose is a game changer in sugar reduction with attributes that closely mimic sugar
• Allulose is a relatively new ingredient and consumers hold the key to its adoption success and growth rate

12:10 pm Lunch Break

How Precision Fermentation is Enabling Sugar Reduction

1:30 pm Erythritol – Utilizing Fermentation to Manufacture Non Caloric Sweeteners

  • Monica Garces Market Development Manager Health and Nutrition, Jungbunzlauer


• Strategies for sugar reduction and flavor modulation
• General production of erythritol
• Erythritol properties
• Practical applications using erythritol

2:00 pm The Regulatory Landscape of New (Precision Fermentation) Sugar Reduction Solutions


• Novel solutions to sugar reduction with a focus on solutions derived from precision fermentation e.g. rebaudiosides and sweet proteins
• Regulatory landscape of precision fermentation sugar-reduction solutions: FDA, EFSA, SFA and other territories
• Amai’s lessons from working with regulatory departments of multinational consumer-packaged goods corporations and with regulatory agencies

2:30 pm Networking Break

Augmenting Reduced Sugar Products for the Consumer

3:00 pm Supplant sugars from fiber: fiber-derived sugars for sucrose replacement across food categories


  • Supplant sugars from fiber are able to faithfully perform the properties of cane sugar across food categories, but are low calorie, low glycemic and prebiotic
  • They’re created by upcycling underutilised side streams from the agricultural industry, thereby reducing farming’s negative impact on our environment
  • Commercialisation, partnerships and how we might work together

3:30 pm Reducing Sugar Using Sugar – No Need to Choose between Tasty & Healthy


• Why is using sugar to reduce sugar the smartest solution for taste and nutrition?
• DouxMatok’s patented technology and how we couple it with our better-for-you nutrition
• Applications and how we commercialize

4:00 pm Meltec®: A Semi Solid Fiber for Sugar/Syrup Replacement & Reduction


• Sugar is not only used for its sweetness but also for a variety of technological tasks, which Meltec® can replace
• Explaining Meltec® from fibers: smarter product, not sweeter. A solution to replacing the bulk lost in reduced- or no-sugar products
• Synergies with sweeteners and other ingredients when producing a reduced sugar product that delivers in taste and structure

4:30 pm Short break

4:40 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

4:50 pm Crystalline soluble fibers deliver sugar-like mouthfeel in fat-continuous systems (chocolate & fillings)

  • Indraneil Mukherjee Associate Principal Scientist, Ingredient Research, Mondelez International


  • Soluble fibers generate an undesirable sticky, gummy mouthfeel in fat-continuous products (chocolate & fat-based fillings)
  • This problem occurs because soluble fibers are always in the amorphous state (spray-dried/ drum-dried, etc.)
  • Crystalline soluble fibers can overcome this problem and deliver the desired sugar-like mouthfeel in fat-continuous products

5:20 pm Nucane Life. The Clean Label Sugar Reduction Solution


• Low bulk density structure, reduces sugar but maintains bulk
• Unique combination of Fibres and Proteins for functional benefits in foods
• Designed to positively impact the microbiome

5:50 pm Bring positive messaging of sugar reduced products to consumers


  • Roquette bulking agent solutions
  • Beyond the sugar reduction message
  • Keep the indulgence

6:20 pm Close of Day 1