About 2022 Event

The Sustainable Future series is focused on the latest advancements and innovations in building a more sustainable future for ecological and human health. Our previous virtual editions of Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies Summit were well received by industry leaders, and it's exciting to be able to meet in person. With the ever growing developments within the industry, we’ll be hearing from the latest technologies this September.  

We have built the two-day summit on the most relevant challenges and innovations in the field. With focus topics including Natural Sugar Alternatives, Consumer Acceptance, Formulation Challenges, Fermentation and more, we will be covering all of the most exciting topics present within the industry. 

This is your only opportunity to come together in Chicago to hear from the thought-leaders in Sugar Reduction, and learn about the latest innovations in developing tasty, low-cost sugar reduced alternatives, to deliver product lines that are accepted by the consumer and commercially successful in 2022.