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cultYvate launches Alternate Wet and Dry (AWD) technology to support sustainable agriculture

Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s platform cultYvate provides farm-based precision analytics in irrigation, fertigation, fertiliser utilisation for water-intensive crops like paddy, sugarcane etc. cultYvate has been implementing projects pan India over the last 3 years and has gained valuable insights into the unique challenges faced on the ground. The IoT sensors deployed on farm help to detect thresholds across various crop parameters and send real-time advisories to farmers on their mobile/ handsets.

By offering “patented” Alternate Wet and Dry (AWD) technology at the core of its offerings, the company enables optimised irrigation management improving both yield and crop health. AWD implementation not only enhances water management but also promotes soil health by assisting vulnerabilities of water intensive crops with over watering stress. 

We are delighted to witness our first in line patented solution efforts to garner interest and business from crops like sugarcane and ecstatic at the interest from major international players like Bayer.

Mallesh T M, Founder and CEO at cultYvate

Transition from sensor-based platform to a subscription-based advisory model

Learnings of the past 3 years have helped the company to reposition from a sensor-based platform to a subscription-based advisory model, which has been designed keeping farmer economics at its centre. With this model, farmers can comfortably make a smaller initial investment with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the services on a real time need basis.

cultYvate’s commitment to build a farmer centric platform has gained further momentum with the plans to launch carbon monetisation program specifically tailored for paddy growing farmers, assisting in additional revenues at farm level. Paddy is cultivated in over 46 million hectares in India (source: statista) of which a substantial portion is cultivated either with tubewell or canal-based irrigation. North India has one season of paddy whereas South India has two to three seasons of paddy in one year with tremendous carbon credit potential. The company is actively broadening its footprint across Asia and Middle Eastern farmers. This is further contributing to the advancement of sustainable and resilient agricultural practices at an international scale.

The team is further expanding and have onboarded Ayan Desai. Ayan is the Co-founder and Director at Nalanda Capital Partners Pte. Ltd., a venture firm specialising in Business Development for trade platforms and Strategic Investments across India, Southeast Asia (SEA), and other regions. Ayan has been instrumental in guiding cultYvate’s transition from a sensor-based business model to a subscription-based one.

Ayan adds, “The deep understanding of eco-system combined with robust data measurement, monitoring and notification enables enterprises to get deeper insights into positive impact of their activity with farmers. cultYvate’s SDG dashboard demonstrates the farm performance, combined with crop health (remote sensing) and farmer behaviour with seamless data flow.”

About Farms2Fork Technologies (F2F)

F2F is pioneering in applying IoT in agricultural industry to benefit farmers to maximise the produce that can be generated from every drop of water. F2F has created cultYvate, a platform, that integrates IT, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. cultYvate offers different crop models to arrive at precise watering solutions after considering various static and dynamic parameters across different crops and soil combinations. With cultYvate, farmers can save 20% to 60% of water while improving the crop productivity by 15% to 50%, depending upon the crop type, besides saving on GHG emissions.

About Core Team

  • Mallesh is an industry leader having spent close to 21 years in the Agriculture domain. His experience prior to that includes 15 years in technology working at IT majors. With cultYvate, he has disrupted the farming ecosystem offering cutting edge technology that leverages on IoT sensors, Remote sensing & Cloud to provide insights to farmers. At heart he is a visionary & an inventor having built the cultYvate solution ground up.
  • Bhavana comes with 22 years of Software engineering and Consulting experience with global technology organisations. She is currently driving strategy and growth. She believes that with the right union of technology, data and application of scientific techniques farming will become both profitable & sustainable.
  • Sudarshan comes with 20 years of experience having worked with heterogenous technologies & leading engineering teams across R&D, Product Development, Software Development, Production Life cycle and Support. At cultYvate, he is driving the technology landscape of IoT and spatial data-based solutions for agriculture, aligning with the company’s strategy to provide a robust, secure and scalable platform.